Cat and Small Pet Care Services

Did you know that we also care for lots of other furry, feathery and scaly friends apart from dogs? Our pet care service provides an excellent alternative to cattery boarding and the distress caused by transporting pets. Cats and other small animals such as rabbits, chickens, aviary birds, rodents and reptiles are known to be less stressed when kept in their own environment.  Thames Pet Sitters can visit your home during the day while you are away to feed, water and clean your pets.


We have the purrfect alternative to catteries! Most cats prefer to stay at home when you are away on holiday or on business. They have their own bed, own surroundings and regular human contact. What could be better? We visit once or twice a day to see that all your cats’ needs are catered for. Not only that but we can keep your home safe while you are away by avoiding post building up at the front door. We can also water house plants, put out the bins and alternate curtains and lights.

Small Pets

This service is also available for small pets such as rabbits, guinea pigs, gerbils, hamsters, birds and exotics. We will feed and clean according to your normal care routines. We ask you to provide enough food to cover your absence, along with details of your pet's veterinary practice.

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