Here are the questions we're asked most often, along with the answers.  If you'd like to know the answer to something that's not included here please email us.

How do I sign up for your dog boarding and pet sitting services?

Please ask us to send you a Client Booking Form if you're ready to go, or send us an email if you have a question that's not answered here.  Claire will be happy to discuss your dog boarding, pet sitting or small animal care needs. We'll arrange your complimentary welcome meeting, and this first meeting will help familiarise us with you and your dog or other pet, and give you an opportunity to go over their routine and any special dietary and exercise needs.

How do I know that it's safe to give you my key?

For your complete peace of mind we background check every team member.  Many casual dog boarders and pet sitters do not or cannot provide you with proof that they have no prior criminal convictions. Casual pet sitters can be cheaper to employ, but what price do you put on the security of your home?

When should I give the key to my  pet sitter?

Most clients give a key to their pet sitter at the initial interview, after agreeing to go ahead with the booking.  If you are not able to do this, we charge a £15 key pick-up fee. We can keep your key at our office if you travel often, or we can leave it in your home at the end of the booking period, whichever you prefer. Please ask about our SafeKey Programme when you contact us.

How do I get in touch?

Emailing is the best way of contacting us as we are out on bookings all day.  We check our mailbox often. Just visit the Contact Us page.

What sort of information should I send?

Although you will be asked to fill in a detailed booking form, please tell us your dates of travel and let us know which days you need our services.  Please also let us know the area you live in and any other important information we might need to better assist you.  

What are the payment arrangements?

For payment details please visit our How It Works page.

What is your cancellation policy for bookings?

Please see our Booking Terms.

Is the information I give to my sitter kept private?

Yes. We are committed to keeping all information we receive from our clients and staff confidential, and we will not disclose any of your personal information including your mailing address. We will only use your information as a means to take good care of your companion animal and home while you are away.

Can I keep the same sitter each time I go away?

We much prefer to have the continuity of the same sitter with the same animal, and know you do too. We will do everything we can to make that happen for new trip requests.  If your previous sitter is not available then a substitute sitter will be, and we will set up a meeting so you and your dog, cat or other animals get to know the new sitter before you have to leave.

Can I hire my sitter directly without going through you?

No.  Please do not place our sitters in an awkward position by offering them employment outside of our service. You are sometimes given the private mobile phone of your sitter as a means to reach them in an emergency while you are away. We respectfully ask that you do not contact them to set up future jobs when you return. Our sitters are prohibited from soliciting or accepting employment directly from clients, and have signed a legally binding contract to this effect, as do you when you use our services.  Thank you for honoring this policy.

Can you give my animal medication while I'm away?

Yes. As long as your animal does not pose a threat to the carer, we are happy to administer medication to them for a small extra charge.

I have to go away at very short notice and have no time to meet the sitter. Can I still book your service?

No.  Unless we have already met you and your dog, cat or other animal we cannot take care of them without a prior meeting.  This is for the safety of both you and our sitter, who will be coming to your home while you are away.  We are sometimes available for last-minute sits and if we have space available and time to set up the required initial interview we will be happy to help you.

I've never used a pet sitter or boarder before. What exactly happens?

After we have received your information and requirements we will match you with the sitter or boarder we feel is best for you and your pet’s needs. Our rates vary according to the number of dogs or pets involved and the amount of time you would like the sitter to be at your home. Please call us to discuss your needs and dates.  All of our sitters have gone through extensive reference and history checks and are committed to providing the best care for your pet and home while you are away, as well as leaving your home neat and tidy when you return. Please visit our Pet Sitting Services  page to get a more in-depth look at what we provide.

I'm going to be away for two months. Can you provide longer-term overnight sitting?

Sometimes.  We have sitters who specialize in long-term sitting and who are available for overnight sitting in your home.  We do offer discounts if you will be traveling for an extended period of time.

Am I allowed to give my dog boarder or sitter a tip for great service?

Absolutely!  You can give gratuities directly to your walker or sitter, or you can mail them to us to pass on.  100% of gratuities received go directly to your carer.

Do you charge a holiday fee?

Yes, we do charge an additional fee over the major national holidays. We will let you know this at the time you book our service.  This is a way for us to reward the our team who are giving of their holiday time to take care of your animal.

How do I get a job as a dog boarder or pet sitter with you?
We are always looking for reliable, committed dog boarders and pet sitters.  If you are interested in working with us please send us an email. If you are an existing client of ours and you're considering a job working with dogs and cats, we'd be especially delighted to talk with you. Many of our wonderful  team members were initially clients who are now thrilled to have a part-time job working with dogs and cats (and we are thrilled to have them!). We have a top-notch team and delight in working with those who have the same high quality standards.