Puppy Care Services

Have you got a new puppy who needs some extra attention in their early months to help reinforce your training?

The first 14 weeks of your puppy's life are what is known as the "Socialisation Period". This is the time when you need to really mix your puppy with as many new people, things and situations as possible; buggies, bicycles, vacuum cleaners, men in hats, umbrellas and everything else!  Learning at this age is permanent, so this is a perfect time to start training. This is also the ideal time to introduce the puppy to things that will play an important part in his life. Introduce the puppy to different people, places, animals, and sounds in a positive, non-threatening way.  

Puppies require regular care during the working day. We can provide companionship, care and potty breaks for your puppy, including house and/or garden play and/or a short walk near your house. For puppies this early routine can evolve into a full walk as they get older and stronger, and this will help enormously with the socialisation process.  

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